Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations

The coordinating committee of the National Summit for Principal Supervisors invite school districts, universities and other leaders in education to submit proposals to present at the fifth annual Summit for Principal Supervisors.  The 2020 theme is:

Social Emotional Learning (SEL): Collaboration, Application and Professional Growth

Educators, educational leaders, principal supervisors and aspiring principal supervisors are invited to submit a proposal for presentation that addresses how programs, initiatives and/or practices in the areas of professional development, school improvement, legislation/policy, finance, leadership, human resources, and organizational culture are aligned and related to internal consistency, focus, and coherence in how districts define and support the work of principal supervisors. We are especially interested in receiving proposals that provide clear, convincing data that the program/initiative is effective in aligning strategic goals for supporting and evaluating principals with the structure and management of their supervisory and support systems.  

Presentations that provide practical approaches to guiding school principals through important transitions such as implementing Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Common Core and National Standards for Principal Supervisors are of interest.  This year’s conference strands are aligned with the National Standards for Principal Supervisors.  

Private Sector providers are required to partner with a school district and/or university to be considered.  The proposal must be submitted by the school district and/or university and must be practical, demonstrative and focused on the professional development of the audience.  In short, presentations must not be sales pitches.  Groups not adhering to these guidelines will be automatically excluded from the scoring process and deemed ineligible to present.